Lax-A-Daisy Competitive Tournament

The Lax-A-Daisy Draw is a competitive year end tournament hosted by SMGLL. Each team plays a series of games against randomly selected teams within their respective division. Teams with the best record at the end of qualifying games will advance to the championship round to determine the division winner.

Equipment Needed

  • Girls’ Lacrosse Stick

  • Approved ASTM Safety Goggles / visit insert link for an approved list of goggles.

  • Mouth Guard / Note:  Mouth guards should not have protruding tabs, be sized appropriately for a comfortable fit, and be any color except white or clear.

Registration by Team

Registration Deadline:  May 1

Cost: xx

Tournament T-Shirts:                     
The $xx tournament t-shirt must be pre-ordered. T-shirt orders should be submitted with the team registration. Sponsorships may be solicited to cover the registration and t-shirt costs. To complete a sponsorship form, click insert link